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p, intim소셜그래프ating that there was nothing further to be said. Miss Orinda alone looked at Ellen, who sat with downcast eyes, clenche소셜그래프d hands, and a heaving breast. It was but for a moment that Miss Orinda regarded the girl; then she sprang to her 소셜그래프feet. “Rosanne’s child shall not go to an institution!” she cried. “Take off your things, Ellen. You are going to live with me, and pray Heaven you will make a capable, useful woman.” Ellen’s mute misery changed to an expression of intense relief. “Oh!” she breathed t소셜그래프remblingly. “Well, that’s good of y소셜그래프ou, Rindy,” declared Mr. Crump, rising from his chair, “though, after all, you are the best fixed to give the girl a home. You live alone, own your own house, have a garden, and in this little place living can’소셜그래프t be as high as in the city.” Orinda tossed her head and looked at him scornfully from under half-closed eyelids. S소셜그래프he gave a little bitter laugh. “Of course,” she replied. “Well, Susan,” said Mr. Crump, turning to his sister, “we may as well be getting on; it’s right소셜그래프 smart of a ride, you know. Good luck to you, Rindy. Good-by, little girl. You’ve got a good home, and I hope you’ll appreciate it.” Ellen answered never a word, but stood in silence till all went out, Mrs. Barton drawin소셜그래프g her handsome furs about her as she entered her shining car. She nodded and smiled her farewells as the car bowled off, following the less elegant one of Mr. Crump. Miss Orinda did not stop to watch them out of si소셜그래프ght, but shut the door hard, came back into the parlor, and stood for a moment in front of the Latrobe stove which heated the greater part of the소셜그래프 small house. “Well, that’s that,” she said at last. “If any one had told me this morning—— But, n소셜그래프ever mind. Maybe I’m a fool, but I’d rather be some kinds of a fool than 소셜그래프a hide-소셜그래프bound, self-indulgent, cold-blooded skinflint. I rather imagine there have been worse fools in this room lately than I am. Come here, Ellen, and let’s take stock of each other, since we’re to be hou소셜그래프semates.” Ellen cam소셜그래프e readily. Miss Orinda held her off at arm’s length and regarded her steadily. “Yo소셜그래프u’re not much like the Crumps,” she said presently. “Yo소셜그래프u get your hazel eyes from your mother, but your nose and mouth fr소셜그래프om the Norths. It’s ju

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